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Wedent Group As A Wedding Planner, Event Management Company & Recruiting & Placements Agency in India
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Wedent Group: As A Wedding Planner, Recruitment Placements Agency & Management Company in India

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Plans for weddings and added to it is honeymoon package for bride and the groom. Travel consultancy with Wedent combines luxury honeymoon package with wedding plans for the bride and the groom. Wedent is additionally a Brides’ Agency, India which is with one of its networks and website AntarMahal.com is working and processing matrimonial services. Registration is free, and the primary boy’s and girl’s profile can be added subsequently. Upon adding a profile matches are being sent for interaction and acceptance for weddings between both the sides. Wedent binds Interracial Marriage, Indian Elite, Businessmen, Divorced Brides & Grooms, Upper Caste Brides and Grooms, Indian Brides for Foreign Grooms, Foreign Brides for Indian Grooms, Love Marriage & Dating Indian, Indian Models, Bollywood Celebrities, Matrimonial amongst Indian Brides & Grooms through its website. The most thought over task of planning a wedding, real-time managing and summing up the event is arranged by Wedent. The most usual plan includes Entertainment Management, Travel Management, Banquet Hall Services and Food. It is important to know that Wedent wedding planner works for Indian weddings at present and covers the city of Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bangalore and Jaipur. The chic wedding planner is an esteemed planner taking on and planning for Celebrity weddings and Elite weddings. Wherein tradition of marriages brothers and friends are standing up to see everything goes fine during the wedding, Wedent promises a plan with zero difficulty, trouble and crisis where upon every member of the family can participate in celebration of the wedding event without worries. People in Wedent group are standing up to see everything moves fine during the course of wedding. AAGNI a network of Wedent channel partners for hotels, resorts, hospitality management makes it a trusted source in Travel Management and Entertainment Management within Wedding Planning. Recruitment & Placement Agency: Wedent Group, being an office of repute and status works as Recruitment & Placements Agency. It is open for candidates and companies outsourcing human resource. Quality man power sourcing has been in constant demand throughout the ages. Resumes submitted by candidates are placed for analysis and interviews. Appraising, interviewing and thereafter orientation and placements are practices which make a perfect satisfactory recruitment. The free environment with Wedent gives candidates an edge to show up their efficiency at work. The choice for a place, free interaction and a push towards a satisfactory job is what makes Wedent perfect for candidates looking up well ahead for a successful career. Technical, Managerial, Administrative and Finance the key to successful companies looking for people to team up for a perfect working organization makes opportunity abundant for candidates ready for a head start. The first step ahead taken by a person is said to be in lead which starts with choosing a best company to be with. Equally, corporate looking for leaders and fearless candidates who can excel in competitive times are taking advantage of Wedent. Recruitment and placement with Wedent is working only within Indian Territory at present. Services being operative online, resumes are accepted though the Wedent’s website. The list of job vacancies and database of best candidates are matched for a seamless job placement. The database which requires equivalent designation, goals, job functions, area of work and paying structure makes it convenient and easy for candidates and corporate for better communication. Management Company in India: Wedent a management company is primarily an Event Managing Company; the list ensues including Weddings and Recruitment & Placement Managing Company. Event Management with Wedent encompasses Event Management in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi; Event Management for Mumbai Fashion Industry and Managing Corporate Events in Mumbai. Events embracing Travel Management, Entertainment Management, Festivals, Sporting Events, Family Functions, Business and Corporate Meetings, Entertainment & Media Management, Memorable Marriage Anniversary, Musician Promotion, Entertainers Promotion, Organizing Music Concerts, Theme Party Tour, and Celebrity Interview Set-up are integral part of Wedent’s event management. The dynamic fashion industry of Mumbai covering Fashion Fiesta, Auditioning Casting Services, Models Management, Artist Management, TV Commercials, Media Print Modeling Services, Ad filmmaking, Hoarding Advertisement Services, Airport & Railway Stations Branding & Promotion, Product Launch, Road show Outdoor Campaign in All India, Fabricated Vehicle Advertising, Brand Promotional Activities, Entertainment Management, Travel Management and many more are taken over by Wedent single handedly. Organizing and control harmonizes Wedent’s management. This is where Wedent makes itself an Event Management Company. The promising corporate events of Mumbai which requires disciplined management is a responsible task. Product promotions, company functions, annual meetings, trade promotions, seminars, conferences, training programs etc which require people to make it successful is taken over by Wedent. Entertainment Management and Travel Management the most frequent and usual within all events is what makes Wedent a preferred Event Management Company. One of Wedent’s networks AAGNI.com speaks about Event Managing, Entertainment Shows, Theme Parties, Product Launch and Exhibitions, Marketing Research, Business Planning, Creative Advertising, Bollywood Movie Launch Event, VIP’s and Celebrities Events, Artists, Model Meetings and Event Planning. Channel partners for hotels, resorts and hospitality management makes Wedent belief stronger in Travel Management and Entertainment Management.

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