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Close your eyes & think of the most special dream & the most special day of your life. Where are you?
It’s an event organized in an admirable manner. Amazing decorations, flowers covering the whole sight, red carpet in your footsteps, Shehnai music, lavish surroundings, multiple cuisines & drinks, everyone happy & beautiful & you are treated like a superstar.
Yes it’s your WEDDING, the most special day of your life. Everyone dream of this day. One keep dreaming about various things in life that he or she would want in his wedding for e.g. the kind of wedding he or she would go for, the wedding theme, the decors, the venue, the catering & cuisines to be served, the jewellery, the overall function that won’t only bring your dream in the reality but will convert that dream into a beautiful memory after the wedding.
Not only the one who marries but wedding is an affair that weaved in the dreams of everybody related to him, be it his parents, his relatives, his friends & everyone.  Especially in India it’s the biggest celebration for everyone.
But it’s a huge affair & you need a systematic planning to make it happen in real and also make full use of your money.
We, at Wedentgroup.com, The Top Wedding Management Company in India,  provide you with the expert & professional wedding planners who would not only understand your dreams but will bring them in reality with their expertise in providing not only the complete wedding planning services but event management teams who have managed events on a big and huge level. We have Event Management teams which have shown their expertise in organizing the celebrities’ weddings by their expert Bollywood celebrity wedding planners, big level events like beauty contests, fashion shows; dance shows international music competitions etc.
We will do everything right from decorating the welcome door of your wedding with the help of our event management teams, to your wedding attire  by our fashion designers to your honeymoon  by our travel agents & their holiday packages around the world that too your way (holidaydealsindia.com).
You just have to give us a call & tell your dream.
Most important about wedentgroup.com is that we do not only organize a lavish event for millions of rupees but we also provide the eco friendly plans that fulfill your dreams within your budget & get you full value for money
The services that we provide are
Complete Wedding Planning Services in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaypur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Madurai, and many more locations in India,
·       Pre bridal counseling & personality grooming
·       Fashion designers for dresses
·       Jewellery designers
·       Shopping guide
·       Invitation cards
·       Bridal packages in best of the parlors & cosmetology centers
·       Mehendi organizers & make up experts
·       Mandap decorations, Sangeet, Engagement, Mehendi, wedding stage, Sagan decorations
·       Caterers with endless variety of cuisines,
·       Wedding gifts organizers
·       World wide musicians to make it a musical memory
·       Artists for special functions in the wedding
·       Saree drape experts specially for Indian weddings
·       Post wedding  receptions
·       Complete honeymoon packages including air tickets, hotels, cars etc.
Most important that our experts would make it happen as per your traditions & the wedding theme as desired by you so no botherations about the region you belong to. Be it a Punjabi wedding, kolkatta wedding, south Indian wedding, oriyaa wedding, rajesthani palace wedding, gujrati wedding, marathi wedding, Christian weddding or Muslim Nikah or the Sikh wedding. Everything is just a click away. We also offer unique themes like palace wedding, beach wedding, indoor wedding, outdoor wedding or cruise wedding whatever. The theme could also be designed specifically as per your wish.  
Our dream is to bring your dream into reality.
We also have a vast panel of the supreme event organizers & Leading Event Companies in Mumbai be it a dance show, the music show, beauty pageant, fashion show, corporate functions, Namkaran & Mundan ceremony, birthdays party, marriage anniversary etc. 
So if you are the lucky one planning a function as such do get in touch with our experts & bring you dreams in reality.

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Wedding Planning other services:

  o     Pre-bridal counseling and personality grooming

o       Fashion consultation for wedding attire, jewelry inclusive

o       Sari drape experts

o       Make-up and beauty services

o       Mhendi organizers

o       Card invitation services

o       Mandap decorations

o       Sagan decorations

o       Event decorations

o       Caterers (available in a variety of cuisines)

o       Musicians, artists and other wedding entertainment

o       Post wedding receptions

o       Complete honeymoon packages (including tickets, transportation, hotels etc)


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