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About Wedding & Entertainment Industry in India (Wedent)

Wedding is a trend that is reflected in the excess of wedding exhibitions like ‘Celebrating Vivaha’, ‘Bride and Groom’, and ‘Bridal Asia’. "The wedding and entertainment business is a profitable business, especially in India where marriages and entertainment events are the most expected event in anyone's life. In India, people don’t think twice before spending on marriages. There is a lot of money involved in a wedding; right from the shagun to the reception, a wedding is a big celebration where families spend enormous amounts of money on the furnishings, apparels and accessories. The wedding industry in India is worth Rs 50 billion, and is currently growing at a rate of 25-30%. The all above is same in case of entertainment industries. People want to celebrate at an each and every occasion it may be birthday or a corporate party.
Our company Wedent Group is a high end wedding planner in India. We specialize in organizing wedding ceremonies. Wedent Group understands the cost effectiveness and innovations for every event. Indian Weddings are undoubtedly among the most beautiful sights in the world. The wedding day is one of the most significant and unforgettable day for you. And you would absolutely not enjoy the idea that it blows up your finances. Whether your wedding is a few days or a few months or even a year away, you have to draw up a plan and a budget. Wedent Group Takes care of the whole thing, so you are guaranteed to rest and not only that you will feel just like a visitor at your own wedding ceremony.  We have customized all kind and size of weddings which suits your specifications and budget. We have professional team to work continuously for your wedding event. We arrange location, secure contract details, and arrange other services required, as per specifications, allocated budget & assigned time.
India is a very colorful and diverse country. When it comes to celebration it's done very keenly and enthusiastically. When it comes to something as scared as wedding then no stone is left unturned with every coming year Wedding & Entertainment Industry is getting larger, and luxurious. Let’s have a closer look. Wedent Group is an event management company which specializes in organizing & managing all types of Entertainment Events. Wedent Group provides complete and special solution of Entertainment & Event management for you. Someone rightly said, “It’s all about money honey." If one has the money, Flamenco dancers, Spanish gig artistes, Russian ballet and Egyptian belly dancers, gurus of traditional music and even the hottest Indian pop and film stars could provide entertainment on D-Day. The Indian wedding and entertainment Industry is a safe heaven. "In a wedding and entertainment event everyone just spends and does not think of returns. In fact, every industry is looking at weddings to push business. Everyone makes money. It goes right up to the grassroots level. The artisans make money; the services industry makes money and the wedding and entertainment industry planners too.
Wedent Group provides complete end to end event management solution for our customers that allow you to focus on your core business at the same time as we manage your event. We provide you with a single contact point for your event management and allowing you to run an amazing event within your budget. Whatever the type and size of your event, you can rely on Wedent Group has proven track record to exceed your expectations. Wedent Group provides the world class Event Management Services that is unique in itself. Entertainment Management Solutions provided by us showcase substance and perfection in best way. Since our prices are very affordable the services presented by us have been highly esteemed. The grand Indian weddings and the emerging Marriage industry are bound to prosper. So next time when you think about India its not just Indian curry or Bollywood that you have which will rule your thought but it's the grand Indian wedding and entertainment industry that will leave your mouth a gape. With every passing year Indian wedding and entertainment industry are going global and grand.

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