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Cinemawood - Advertising & Awards, Sourcing Stock Footage of Bollywood Dance - Indian Dancing

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Cinemewood - Advertising & Awards - AD Agency in IndiaCinemewood - Advertising & Awards - AD Agency in India, Ad Tv Commercial filmmakers india

Cinemewood - Advertising & Awards - AD Agency in IndiaCinemewood - Advertising & Awards - AD Agency in India, Ad Tv Commercial filmmakers india

Anything means nothing if you can’t sell it.  Every products needs to create a market value & the market value is created by good or bad advertising.
One rupee thing could be sold in thousands & thousand rupee thing for nothing. It’s just for the right & wrong strategy to advertise.
Advertising was always there in the word. It’s all about communicating the qualities of you & your  product so that you get the best selling price & a market reputation that we call goodwill. .
One can’t imagine any business without advertising now. From soap to shampoo, cars to food, everything is dependent on advertising to market itself.
There are brands that spend the maximum of their budget on mere advertising as this is an era of  Psychological value. It’s a products psychological value that creates brand value.
Advertising doesn’t only establish a product features in the market but create that appeal in the targeted market that convinces a customer to spend money from his pocket just to buy the respective product in this cut throat competition.
In last two decades advertising has come so far that no business can even start without right advertising aid. As u can see 13 mnts out of the 30 mnts programme is allotted to ad films these days
Earlier advertising was just restricted to the product announcements & introductions. Later it started happening with little creative style. 
But talking about adverting in today’s time it’s a vast scenario. It’s an art, science as well as mathematics when a product is sold with a creative idea developed on the basis of a thorough market study, customer’s choice, target audience & then delivered on the basis of thorough mathematical calculations to get the desired results.
It is creativity but it’s a sure & shot result oriented creativity based on research.
Innumerable big & small advertising agencies are coming in the market but the choice of the best suited agency is still in the manufacturer’s hands.
Wedentgroup hence bring a network of credible & established agencies in Indian as well as world who would deliver the desired results after a deep analysis. We provide advertising design, media planning and buying, market research, digital and public relations services to hundreds of clients
Following are the activities that we cover majorly
·        Market research
·        Target audience analysis
·        Product packaging
·        Ad film making (including copy writing, commercial product for various media)
·        Brand launch
·        Media announcements
·        Celebrity endorsements
·        Media planning
·        Account management
·        & after sale services for customer satisfaction etc
Our vast network of advertising agencies, media houses, modeling agencies & film production houses all over the world would make it sure on your behalf that you have taken a right track where it’s only the top where you will see your brand
·        Cost effective means
·        Intellectual analysis
·        Creative aids
·        Market research
·        Credible contacts into media
Will only get you the best !
We know how to change your product into a brand where people not only try that once but bring them as a part of their life & never forget.
The specialty of our network is that we are there for everyone. For any budget, for any market, in any country or any part of the world.
The media houses, television channels & film makers associated with us will surely provide your product an aura that fascinates a customer & convince him to actually buy it.
It could be in any stream of media we provide a total coverage through
·        Print
·        Radio
·        Television & films
·        Internet & multimedia
·        Event management
·        Road shows etc.
You only have to click & contact us.
We don’t just advertise we develop brands & lifelong associations… 

We are a company that provides services to our clients to produce their corporate films. As part of our early 2011 offer, we are offering to produce a quality tailor made corporate film for our clients for just Rs. 4.5 lacs included models for the shoot. This also includes everything from a creative concept, scripting, voiceover, dubbing, upto 2 days of shoot on high resolution DV format, post production, audio mixing, packaging & a master on DVD. Our corporate film experts will understand your film requirement post which a customized solution will be presented to you. Cinemwood Advertising & Awards is the only ADVERTISING AGENCY in India for your one shop total solution for economic corporate filmmaking by our Creative Advertising Expertises, 

Large, medium as well as small companies are effectively using customized corporate films to promote their businesses by screening them at conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, during client/employee interactions as well as to reach out to a global audience by up-loading them on their websites & youtube. A good film can enhance your image & improve the way you do business forever.

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